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Description of the main functionality of the script
Supported networks: Ethereum, BNB SmartChain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism (possible extension on request)
* Supported Assets: Native Coins, Tokens and NFT
* Additional functions: notifications about user actions on the site and payments in Telegram
* The most flexible script configuration is available for your convenience
* Native coin withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / Smart Contract
* Token withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / Approve / Permit / Permit v2 / Uniswap Multicall / Pancake Multicall / Sushiswap / QuickSwap
* NFT withdrawal method: Sign / Transfer / SetApprovalForAll / SeaPort 1.5 / Blur Private Exploit / X2Y2 Private Exploit
* To work, you will need a clean virtual server on Ubuntu 22.04 without any pre-installed web servers, panels like ISPmanager and FastPanel and any other software that would occupy ports 80 and 443, and there should not be any websites on the server
* Extended opt-out in Telegram: in addition to the basic requests, there is also a request to connect a wallet, refuse to connect a wallet, request to change a network, refuse to change a network, successfully change a network, request to withdraw an asset, refuse to withdraw an asset
* The best option at the moment: the most advanced features and the best technical support, 100% of the profits are yours, no deductions
* Types of contracts included: Claim, Claim Reward, Security Update, Swap, Connect, Execute, Multicall
* Available trust contract format: 0x000…0000 — maximum user trust
* Available estimators for work: DeBank Pro API, Zapper API, OpenSea API, Ankr API
* You can buy the script in Telegram, write: 
* Important note: if you want to purchase a script or ask for some details, write immediately with a note and an indication of this topic. Messages without an indication of the purpose of the appeal have a 99.9% chance of being ignored. Let’s save each other’s time.
* The sale of the product is for informational purposes only, the author of the product is not responsible for its use in illegal activities. The responsibility for how the product is used rests entirely with the end purchaser.

# Advantages over other scripts

* The script is absolutely clean and does not cause a red box on your site
* Unlike other scripts, a huge number of wallets are supported
* High-quality technical support and adequate attitude towards customers
* Free installation of the script on your website and drainer after purchase
* A detailed user manual for the script you purchased
* An anti-thief system that will allow you to receive money from sites stolen by competitors
* Uses several robust and proven APIs that you can switch between
* The script does not reveal your Telegram account, since all the integration is hidden deep in the server
* All traffic between the client and the server is securely encrypted so that it is not spied on
* The script can be installed on any hosting, as you only need to install JS
* The backend is written in Node JS, so it can be run on any operating system
* The availability of tokens is checked several times, which increases the chance of debiting
* The script is not blocked by antivirus programs and browsers, which is very nice
* Sale from the developer, ready to answer all questions, even the most stupid ones
* Literally everything can be configured: any network, any asset, any priority — whatever you want
* And most importantly: the best price that matches the current configuration and quality — do not overpay for air and promises of big profits, pay as much as this or that product really costs. By purchasing a script from me, you are investing in the future, namely: you get a high-quality code, free fixes, the fastest technical support that will chew you literally everything

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Full documentation

To Sign up for phoonePOS Service is very simple. You will first of all decide which of the modules are you interested in Signing up for. Are you Signing up for Full phoonePOS module or you want to Sign up for the Accept payment service only or you want to Sign up for the Bills Payment module. Which ever of the services you so desire to offer, will determine the one you will select at the point of Sign up. To begin the Sign up, this is the link you will click on; https://www.phoonepos.com/posagent/register. You will find the Sign up link at the top of the platform, when you login from your device. It takes just about 3 minutes to complete the onboarding process.

You will be required to provide your full name as contained in your bank, your bank profiled phone number, you create your Personal Identification Number (PIN), then select which of the services you are Signing up for. Once, you click on Submit, it woult take you to the Section A of the completion of the your KYC details. The KYC is a Section A - C and you would be required to provide all important requested details.

After completing the Section C of the form, you will be required to complete the Sign up by making your payment.

Once the payment is made, we will review the application within 24 - 48 Hours and have the application approved. Where there is a missing information, we would inform you so your application approval can be completed within the shortest possible time.

You can start your Sign up process and still come back to complete your Sign up at any time that is convenient for you. Once you have completed the first part by providing your Name, Phone Number PIN etc., you can complete your Sign up by clicking on the Continue Registration link to complete your details, which will lead you to the KYC section of the Sign up.


Yes. You do need to have internet on your mobile phone or Laptop to sign up. However, your customers do not need to have internet on your phone for them to be able to access your services to them on phoonePOS.


No. You dont have a transaction sales target. However, if we see that our merchant has not performed transactions for 3 months, we would block the account for security reasons.

There are a bouquet of services provided by ther merchants on our platform; Funds Transfer, Cash Out, Cash In, Accept Payments, Airtime/Data Purchase, Bills Payments etc. We sure have a Commissions and Charges chat we share with our prospective merchants and our commission structure is one of the best in the market place.

So, the amount of money you can earn is strictly up to how many transactions you can do on a daily basis.


No. It is not the same. The phoonePOS service is a new innovation, which is to enhance largely the financial inclusion and empowerment vision and strategy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).


The process of withdrawing your money to your bank account is simple. We take the safety of your funds very serious at phoonePOS. When you want to withdraw funds to your bank, you login, you will see the phoonePOS to Bank menu on your dashboard, you will be required to provide your token, Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your SECURE Outbound Transaction Number (OTN) then your funds will move from the phoonePOS Account into your bank account.

Yes. You can be banned or expelled from phoonePOS if we discover that you are fraudulent or you violate our Term of Use. In very serious cases, you shall be handed over to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or taken up by other law enforcement agencies.


Yes. phoonePOS is a legitimate service. phoonePOS operates on 2 licenses; the Mobile Money & Switching licenses. Its an United States Corporation (C-Corp) with its operating office in Iyana, Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria under the name and style of Phoonepos Technologies Limited and our transactions are acquired by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.


Yes, All women that Sign up as merchants under phoonePOS get a 15% cash back discount and their phoonePOS accounts will be credited with the discount immediately their application is completed and approved.

At Phoonepos Technologies Limited, we are gender sensitive and we want to be part of the financial inclusion project for women in Nigeria.

Having your phone stolen does not call for ANY alarm using phoonePOS. The bank account registered with us still remains the account that your earnings are credited into.


Also, all funds are retained in the e-payment system and you can only push cash into your bank account, when you use your Outbound Transaction Number (OTN).


Upon completion of the KYC process, payment and approval, the next process is that you will be trained. We have  training written materials we give to our merchants. We add you to the next training cohort and you are added to the WhatsApp group of our merchants, where we hold your hands with all the support for you to continue your business without any hitch. In this group, all pertinent questions can be asked as you perform your transactions and answers shall be provided, so everyone can learn. 

Every merchant that has signed up on the phoonePOS service is entitled to a starter pack. This comprises of the soft copy of the outdoor banners and other reading materials that explains every of the features and services that can be offered by the merchants.

In addition, a training document and our Anti Money laundering & Anti Terrorism Policy documents will be given to the merchants for compliance to Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) requirement.

Currently we are working on achieving a seamless experience with every commercial bank in Nigeria. However, for now, we have our USSD service working on the platform of about 18 commercial banks in Nigeria, while the other banks are at various levels of testing and hoping to have them all integrated on our service. However, our Funds Transfer, Cash In services work with ALL financial institutions in Nigeria.

Zenith Bank Plc



Stanbic IBTC

Sterling Bank

Unity Bank

Keystone Bank

Fidelity Bank

Ecobank Plc

Wema Bank

Access Bank Plc

Rubies (Highstreet) MFB

First Bank Plc



Heritage Bank Plc

Union Bank Plc

Globus Bank

SunTrust Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Titan Trust Bank

The amount of Cash out that can be done for customers depends from bank to bank. While some banks allow a maximum of Cash out of N50,000.00 per transaction, some allow N100, 000.00 per Cash out transaction.

This depends on the bank. For some banks, when you do the Cash out, it would scale through, for some it would not scale through. For those customers whos transactions do not scale through because they have not been profiled for USSD, all they need to do is approach any branch of their banks and request that their phone number should be profiled for USSD transactions.

Yes. phoonePOS has API we can share for those that are interested using our API to offer services on their platform. However, this comes at a cost. Please feel free to reach any of our channels to start that conversation.

Yes. This is possible. This is called White labelling. Our solution can be Whitelabed for those interested in the opportunity. All that is required is to reach us on any of our designated channels to start this conversation. 

Yes. You can still become a merchant if you do not have the money to pay to become a merchant. This opportunity is open to only those Signing up for the PhoonePOS Complete Module. However, this comes with Terms & Conditions (T & C).

1. You must pay N5,000.00 initially.

2. You will be required to take advantage of the phoonePOS 10% Referral Program to introduce phoonePOS to a minimum of 5 people who will Sign up and pay. Here, the referral bonus of the 5 people you have introduced will be deducted to complete the Sign up fee.

3. You will be required to do a minimum of N50, 000.00 transactions monthly. 

All of these conditions must be met within a period of 3 months of Signing up.

phoonePOS - CashToken is an electronic reward or celebratory gift commodity that offers the opportunity for ‘LIFE-CHANGING CASH REWARD’. Here, our Aggregators, Merchants and customers earn rewards for using phoonePOS. Our Aggregators, merchants and customers, once they meet a specified transaction threshold, they earn CashToken points, when those points mature, they earn pre defined CashTokens. Guess what? Once they earn CashToken, they become qualified to win between N5,000.00 - N100 Million in a draw that shows on National Television every Friday of the week.

Stated below are the different services you can offer to your customers, the required transaction Points threshold and the CashToken Rewards. Once you win these rewards, you get an SMS notification indicating your win.

For every of the services we offer, our Aggregators, Merchants and Customers earn CashTokens. When a merchant Signs up, they earn a CashToken, when they participate in our 10% referral program, they also earn CashTokens, when they do Funds Transfer, Cash In, Cash transactions, they also earn CasTokens. This is a life changing reward opportunity for every of our participants. So, it is not only our merchants that benefit from this rewards, but customers too.

There are different thresholds of transaction counts that must be achieved to earn. When Aggregators, Merchants and Customers login to their dashboard, the different amount of transaction points they are meant to achieve are there on the CashToken dashboard. The interesting thing is that, as they earn their transaction points, they counter increases accordingly. Once they reach that number of points, they get an instant SMS notifying them they are qualified for the draw to win between N5,000 - N100 Million in the draw on National TV, that shows every Friday.

For a merchant to have a smooth transaction experience using our service, it is adviseable to use an Android or Apple phone with a minimum of 2GB RAM, as this is gives sufficient speed to make transactions happen seamlessly.

It is best to download, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers on the phone. The most acceptable browser for the service is Google chrome, however there maybe hitches related to browser cache, cookies etc. So, where Chrome does not deliver a seamless experience, one can switch and use the Mozilla Firefox as an alternative.